2018 jewellery trends

© Written by Rachael Taylor for Tidlrs

While the undefeatable champion of jewellery trends this year is the statement earring, there are other ways to make sure your jewellery game stays on point. From brand new technology creating rainbow hues to ancient techniques reviving yellow gold, 2018’s key styles are an eclectic mix.

Yellow gold 

The latest high jewellery collection from Chanel, L’Esprit du Lion, is a celebration of one of Gabrielle Chanel’s favourite motifs, the lion. While this is a tried and trusted motif for the house, what is unusual is the use of yellow gold; usually Chanel’s most luxurious collections are restricted to white gold and platinum.

Though clearly a perfect match for the lion’s majestic mane, this prominent embrace of yellow gold is also part of a wider trend shift away from cool white metals. In the bridal market, couples are now more often favouring yellow gold over the more traditionally sought-after white shades, with the metal making a beautiful contrast with white diamonds, rather than trying to blend in…


This story was originally published on November 6, 2018, on luxury platform Tidlrs . Click here to read the full story.  (Main image: Chanel)


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