Candy jewellery

© Written by Rachael Taylor for Tidlrs

In the month of the year that is always a record breaker for new gym memberships, it is perhaps not the moment to celebrate the glory of calorific treats, but these sweet jewels are completely guilt free.

Candy has been a tempting source of inspiration for jewellery designers of late, with smooth and juicy cabochons and saccharine shades of enamel proving too much to resist. And as well as delivering a hit of sweetness, this new trend also embraces the lighter side of life, encouraging us to live a little and be playful.

Bright, bold colours, like those of the gemstones selected for Harry Winston’s first ever collection dedicated solely to cocktail rings, are key. Winston Candy, a collection of one-off rings, launched in November at a customer event in London, which was decorated with enormous sweet jars filled with childhood sweet-shop favourites like rhubarb ‘n’ custards and kola cubes. In some slightly more secure glass cases across the room were the rings, set with huge hunks of aquamarine, spessarite garnet, red spinel, Paraiba tourmaline and pink sapphire…

This story was published on Tidlrs in January 2019. Click here to read the story in full. (Main image: Origin 31)

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