Dog days

© Written by Rachael Taylor for Rapaport

If the phrase “diamond dogs” means nothing to you other than a classic David Bowie album, your mind is about to bend further than his did when penning its post-apocalyptic lyrics, because dog-inspired jewellery is now a thing.

The Italians have gone particularly barking for this craze, with dedicated brands like Dog’s Luxury by Mastrodoro. The Chinese, too, are primed for puppy love as we find ourselves in the Year of the Dog.

Yet the focus of this trend is not a general obsession with pooches, but a way to show affection for four-legged family members, be they Chihuahuas or King Charles spaniels. Brands like Pinomanna even encourage clients to send pictures of their pets, which are then dutifully transformed into bespoke gold and diamond lookalikes. It might not be the most wearable trend of the year, but every dog has its day.

This story was originally published in the March 2018 issue of Rapaport magazine. Continue reading to see layouts and download a full-sized PDF of the feature and front cover. (Main image: Suzanne Syz)

Screen Shot 2018-08-27 at 14.05.37
Download PDF: RapMag March 2018 – Jewelry Connoisseur


Screen Shot 2018-08-27 at 14.05.17
Download PDF: RapMag March 2018 – Front cover

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