New-world charm

© Written by Rachael Taylor for Jewelry Connoisseur

About the same time Barack Obama took the oath of office the first time, jewellery lovers around the world were making their own pledge of allegiance — to charms. Though not a new concept, brands such as Pandora, Trollbeads and Thomas Sabo reinvented the charm bracelet for the modern age and created global campaigns that whipped us into a frenzy over the stockpiling of tiny silver charms to mark every milestone and love affair.

Like all white-hot trends, it reached a critical mass. The cool kids quickly turned their backs on this new hobby, leaving teens and their middle-aged mums free to agonise over the symbolism of a high-heel versus a red-lipstick charm. Which was more them?

Though sales have continued to be strong — leader of the pack Pandora boasts annual sales of more than $3 billion through its 8,000 stores on six continents — fashion moved on, and the romance with the charm bracelet became a mere flirtation. Until now, that it is…

This story was originally published on Jewelry Connoisseur. Read the full story here.

Main image: Annoushka

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