Girl on fire

© Written by Rachael Taylor for Swarovski‘s Salt magazine, published by Condé Nast 

When Park Shin Hye tries on jewellery, it is wise to have somebody on hand to catch what she drops. She might be one of South Korea’s most successful actresses and influential stars, but when it comes to keeping track of the small and the sparkling, she is a self-confessed klutz. “I’m always losing them,” she laughs, making the long delicate earrings shiver and catch the sunlight.

The jewellery she is wearing today is Atelier Swarovski and it has brought her halfway across the world from her home in Seoul to the south of France to shoot a campaign for the SS18 collection. Park is a friend of the brand, chosen not just for her talents as an actress, singer and dancer, but for her philanthropic work helping children.

One of the 27-year-old Park’s first steps towards the limelight was taken in 2003 when she played the character of a ragged but optimistic orphan in a war-torn land in the music video for ‘Flower’ by South Korean pop sensation Lee Seung-hwan…

This story was originally published in the January 2018 issue of Salt magazine. Continue reading for full story, and to see layouts and download a full-sized PDF of the feature. (Main image: Park Shin Hye in Atelier Swarovski)

Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 11.53.00Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 11.53.09

Download PDF: PROFILE;33_View


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