The Jewellery Cut

Launching next month, The Jewellery Cut is a new jewellery editorial platform founded by globally renowned jewellery journalist Rachael Taylor and sought-after industry consultant Andrew Martyniuk.

The Jewellery Cut was founded in 2018 as a fresh, positive voice in the British jewellery industry. The online editorial platform – which will launch in summer 2018 – strives to uncover and feature the most interesting people, influential trends, engaging stories, impressive collections and inspiring successes. The exclusive content created for, will aim to engage a new audience that is a harmonious blend of those in the industry and consumers.

The Jewellery Cut editorial director Rachael Taylor said: “Consumers now stream fashion shows created for industry buyers courtesy of glossy magazines, and anyone can look beyond the pristine jewellery store to the grimy workbench with a scroll of the thumb, thanks to Instagram. Digital culture is blurring the lines between business and pleasure, and consumers are asking more questions about origin and provenance.

“With this in mind, we believe there is scope for an omni-editorial platform for jewellery that delivers content intelligent and informative enough to serve those working within the industry, but that is also entertaining and educational so as to engage consumers. With all our stories focusing on only the brightest facets of the jewellery industry, will be an inspirational blast of positivity for the trade and a trusted, illuminating resource for a new generation yet to discover the full scope of the jewellery offer in the UK.” will launch in September 2018, but the platform’s social media following is already building organically through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, with posts regularly garnering engagement levels of 20% (influencer agency Scrunch classes engagement levels of 3.48% as high). This is in part down to the content being pushed through Taylor and Martyniuk’s personal followings – the duo has a combined following of more than 35,000 jewellery fans.

As well as developing an engaging digital publishing platform, The Jewellery Cut intends to connect with jewellery professionals and consumers at targeted events throughout the year, such as talks and buying experiences and will host a jewellery showroom with FACETS PR during London Fashion Week this September. It will also publish an annual review of the highs of the British jewellery industry in the form of a book, with exclusive interviews, original photography and contributions from leading jewellery journalists.


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