New frontiers

© Written by Rachael Taylor for Retail Jeweller 

With a rich heritage and an unrivalled reputation as a tastemaker, British products are in demand across the globe, with jewellery being the UK’s third-largest exported good, according to HMRC. But with worldwide consumer buying patterns in flux and the emergence of new global spending powers, which markets should British jewellers be targeting?

According to the Office for National Statistics, the US is the UK’s largest export market after the European Union, accounting for about 19% of all exports. With similar tastes but greater spending power, it has been a keen hunting ground for British jewellers for decades, and many have found favour there.

After receiving her first commission in the 1960s from Cartier, veteran British jeweller Elizabeth Gage developed a somewhat NYLON existence at the very start of her career that has continued until this day, with bi-annual trunk shows in Houston and New York. Stephen Webster also started his brand in the States, on the opposite coast in Santa Barbara, California. After winning the Editor’s Choice award at Las Vegas trade show Couture in 1999, he ordered the opening of a sales office in New York the same year, and this foresight, and a loyal clientele, have ensured that the US is the brand’s single biggest market nearly 20 years later…

This story was originally published in the March 2018 issue of Retail Jeweller magazine. Continue reading to see magazine layouts and download full-size PDFs. Main image: Elizabeth Gage.

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Download PDFs: 027-028_RJ0318_International & 030_RJ0318_International

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