Sparkling stories

© Written by Rachael Taylor for Upward Curve

A diamond is not just about aesthetic. The history locked in a stone lain undisturbed for millions of years – while chaos and seismic change erupts on the surface – lends it a cool magic. And exactly the same allure is mastered by the by the world’s most famous jewellery brands.

Bernard Arnault, French billionaire and chief executive the world’s most exclusive luxury conglomerate, LVMH, once said that in the “luxury business you have to build on heritage”.

In New York, Cartier’s flagship store on Fifth Avenue is brimming with juicy narrative; the foremost being how Pierre Cartier, grandson to founder Louis-François Cartier, acquired the building in 1912. He fell in love with the neo-Rennaisance-style mansion, which was, at the time, owned by financier Morton Plant. When Plant’s wife, in turn, fell for a pricey Cartier natural pearl necklace, a deal was struck to swap the jewel, plus $100, for the building…

This story was originally published in the January-March 2018 edition of Upward Curve magazine. Read the full story here and continue reading to see layouts and download a full-size PDF. Main image: Cartier.

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 11.13.50


Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 12.37.04

Download PDF: UC33_24_JEWELLERY

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