British Academy of Jewellery column

All stories © Written by Rachael Taylor for the British Academy of Jewellery 

To help the students of the British Academy of Jewellery get a broad insight into the industry they will soon be entering, I create a weekly round up of the most interesting jewellery news from around the globe, which you can find here in the BAJ Digest section of the website. I also write a weekly column on a topic that has emerged in the news that week. You can find some of my recent columns below.

BAJ Insight: A new sisterhood for the jewellery industry
BAJ Insight: Jewellery auctions are alive and kicking outside London
BAJ Insight: Five important takeaways from my talk at Graduation
BAJ Insight: Get ready for royal engagement ring pandemonium
BAJ Insight: Why are jewellery shops becoming places to eat?
BAJ Insight: The trailblazer, the original and the mastermind
BAJ Insight: 10 times men’s jewellery didn’t give up at dog tags

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