Jewellery trends

© Written by Rachael Taylor for Tidlrs

From mismatched statement earrings to the tightest luxury chokers, these are the essential fine jewellery trends to see you through the season.

360° glamour

A beautiful earring can so easily lose points when it is flipped over to reveal an ugly patchwork of stone settings and undecorated metal. With sleek pony tails being one of the key hair trends this season, and big earrings the must-have jewellery look, the backs of your earrings need to be as opulent as the front.

Look for designs that consider the aesthetics of the earring from every angle to create 360° glamour. Luxury houses will often pay special attention to the backs of earrings, adorning them with pretty enamel artworks, extra gemstones or instructing their goldsmiths to create intricate etchings in the metal…

This story was published on Tidlrs in October 2017. Click here to read the story in full

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