British Academy of Jewellery

To help the students of the British Academy of Jewellery get a broad insight into the industry they will soon be entering, I create a weekly round up of the most interesting jewellery news from around the globe, which you can find here in the BAJ Digest section of the website. I also write a weekly column on a topic that has emerged in the news that week. You can find some of my recent columns below.

BAJ Insight: At the bench with Van Cleef & Arpels
BAJ Insight: What is conceptual jewellery?
BAJ Insight: What do world events have to do with the price of gold?
BAJ Insight: There is no such thing as an original idea
BAJ Insight: My 10 favourite jewels from Paris Couture Week
BAJ Insight: Extra-curricular reading for magpies
BAJ Insight: 10 jewels that will change the way you think about pearls
BAJ Insight: 10 ways to work with emeralds
BAJ Insight: Celebrities and their jewellery lines
BAJ Insight: A glimpse into the future with Swarovski Gemvisions
BAJ Insight: Are We Over Super-Influencers?
BAJ Insight: All My Single Ladies
BAJ Insight: Drum roll, please… the winners of the Fairtrade Gold Design Awards 2017
BAJ Insight: Six innovations and trends from Baselworld
BAJ Insight: Bejewelled objects – the weird, and the wonderful
BAJ Insight: Where does inspiration come from?
BAJ Insight: Ethics are no longer an option in jewellery
BAJ Insight: Bespoke is the new branding
BAJ Insight: Digital DIY – where to sell your jewellery online?
BAJ Insight: Jewellery competitions: stop moaning and just do it.
BAJ Insight: Did Tiffany & Co get too cool?



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