Watch the diamond

© Written by Rachael Taylor for VO+

Each morning, Nicola Andreatta, vice-president and general manager, Tiffany & Co. Swiss Watches, takes a 20-minute drive from his hometown of Como and crosses the Italian-Swiss border to reach Chiasso, where the headquarters of Tiffany & Co.’s Swiss watch business can be found. Though the heart of the Switch watch industry lies further north in the chillier Jura mountains, the Italian watch boss has broken with tradition, swayed by the south’s lakes and nice weather, for which he credits the happiness of his team.

Andreatta was brought into Tiffany & Co. a little more than four years ago, tasked with rebuilding the American brand’s watch business. Though its watchmaking pedigree stretches back to 1837, this side of the business had lost its way, following a messy (and expensive) split from Swatch Group in 2011, just three years into a licensing agreement.

Since its revival in 2015, Tiffany & Co. Swiss watches has been developing its own manufacturing capabilities as well as building partnerships with a litter of horological ateliers across Switzerland. When it comes to diamonds, though, Tiffany remains the expert, and its latest watch collection Metro confirms it…

This interview with Nicola Andreatta was originally written for the Fall 2017 issue of VO+ (starts page 202). Continue reading to see layouts.

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