Home delivery

© Written by Rachael Taylor for 71%

While anyone can walk into a high-street store and rent a personal shopper by the hour, not everyone can gain access to the world’s elite tier of personal shoppers – the breed that flies across the world to hand deliver a dress or effortlessly ensures you have a spot on the front row at your favourite designer’s show.

These fashion genies are priceless if you are serious about clothes. But choosing one should be done carefully, as this is a person to allow into your home, your

life, and your innermost desires.

“Engagement is key,” advises Lupe Puerta, global director of VIP client relations at Net-A- Porter. “The close relationships we have with our clients means that our advice is tailored to their needs – whether it’s discussing a look that we know she will love or knowing what time of year she travels.”…

This story was originally published in issue four of 71%, The Superyacht Life magazine. Read the full story here (starts on p18). Continue reading to see magazine layouts.

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 10.37.37Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 10.37.10

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