See it their way

© Written by Rachael Taylor for Retail Jeweller

Ethical causes, such as Fairtrade gold, attract zealots. A handful of people that feel so passionately that they can turn a worthy cause into white noise for the rest of us. In the same way the charitable industry is keenly aware of so-called charity fatigue, so those pushing for ethical practices and transparency in the jewellery industry have been met with indifference.

Yet would jewellers feel so disconnected to where their own margins take root if they could see it with their own eyes? This is what a group of British industry professionals put to the test in May by travelling to the Sotrami and Macdesa mines in Peru; remote communities far from the tourist trail.

The biggest zealot that Fairtrade gold has in its camp is Alan Frampton of Cred Jewellery, who has made the roughshod 12-hour drive from Lima through dusty desert terrain to the mountain-top mines 10 times in the five years since Sotrami and Macdesa achieved Fairtrade accreditation. By importing Fairtrade gold into the UK for his own brand Cred as well as others, Frampton has generated US$269,000 in Fairtrade premiums – money that goes directly to supporting these mining communities…

This article was originally published in the July 2016 issue of Retail Jeweller magazine. Read the full story here

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