Judging The Fairtrade Gold Design Awards

I am delighted to announce that I will be a judge for The Fairtrade Gold Design Awards 2017. This is a new initiative created by jeweller Ingle & Rhode to both promote emerging jewellery design talent, as well as introduce this next generation of designers to Fairtrade gold.

I travelled to Peru earlier this year with Cred to visit Fairtrade gold mines at Sotrami (above) and Macdesa and saw with my own eyes what an incredible difference Fairtrade accreditation is making to the lives of the miners, their families and the wider communities. By paying a fair price for the gold (linked to the international gold price) as well as a small premium on top to be invested back into the community (this works out at about £10 per wedding band), artisanal miners can make a good living, instead of just subsisting. Plus, the premium is invested into getting better safety equipment and procedures for the mine, running schools and medical facilities and generally improving living conditions in these beautiful, remote, tough communities.

The Fairtrade Gold Design Awards, supported by the Fairtrade Foundation, are now open for entries. Students, apprentices and those with three years’ or less experience in the jewellery industry can enter, and the brief is to design a Fairtrade gold wedding band, engagement ring or bridal set. There are some great prizes to be won, including work experience, cold hard cash and the chance to see your designs created in Fairtrade gold. For full details on how to enter, head to Ingle & Rhode’s website now.

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