Ones to watch

© Written by Rachael Taylor for Platinum Resident

During a year in which 70% of investors lost money – this gloomy overview of the markets in 2015 comes courtesy of data mined by investment app Openfolio – there was one hard-luxury asset that delivered a cash return of more than 130% in a matter of days, on an investment of less than £5,000. It was a watch. Omega’s Speedmaster Snoopy.

The amusingly named chronograph was created by Omega to commemorate a very serious event – the failed moon landing in 1970 by the Apollo 13 spacecraft, following a mid-space explosion of an oxygen tank, and the heroic danger-filled return to earth achieved by its team. As memorably dramatised by Tom Hanks in the 1995 film named after the mission, the astronauts had to navigate around the far side of the moon on limited power, and used the Omega Speedmaster watches they had been issued to assist them.

This contribution to the mission was honoured by NASA, which bestowed the Swiss brand with one of its Silver Snoopy Awards; a silver lapel pin of the iconic cartoon character in full space gear, dished out only to contractors that have delivered “outstanding support that greatly enhanced space flight safety and mission success”…

This story was originally published in the Autumn/Winter 2016 edition of Platinum Resident magazine. Read the full story here (from p88) or continue reading to see layouts.



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