The three moveable diamonds symbolise the love of yesterday, today and tomorrow

© Written by Rachael Taylor for the BaselWorld Brand Book

Interview with Valerie Messika, founder of Messika

Q_ Your father is a diamond dealer and introduced you to the gem at a young age. Did they hold much magic for you as a child?

A_ My father used to bring home some incredible pieces, and he let me play with them. He explained and transmitted his passion to me naturally through the years. I was very young the first time I was in contact with diamonds. The beauty and the light reflected in the stone subjugated my thoughts and my imagination.

Q_ Before becoming a designer, you worked with your father as a dealer. Tell us about this.

A_ I loved working with him and sharing our common passion for diamonds, but I was missing the creative part. I needed to be able to express myself and I couldn’t do it through diamonds alone.

Q_ What were the first steps towards building Messika?

A_ I started to create my own jewellery, just for myself. Some of my girlfriends liked my first creations and insisted I designed pieces for them.


Q_ Your signature design is the Move collection. Tell us how this design was conceived and created.

A_ I was working on the idea of love and the number three. The first bracelet was three fixed diamonds on a cage. Then we got the idea to include the movable part on the creation. The three movable diamonds symbolise the love of yesterday, today and tomorrow. Classic, elegant and somewhat rock’n’roll.


Q_ Messika is about to celebrate 10 years in business, and has an enviable reputation for beautiful, playful diamond designs. Where will you take your brand in the next five years?

A_ As far as we can. We work hard every day to make Messika a very successful brand and to be at the very top. I have no doubt we are going to grow and be even more successful.


Q_ And most importantly, what does your father think of all you’ve achieved?

A_ My father cried when he saw my first corner in BaselWorld, and you can trust me, he never cries. It was the most beautiful reward I could get.

This article was originally published in the BaselWorld Brand Book 2015.

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