Jewellery has the blues

© Written by Rachael Taylor for JewelleryNetAsia

If there is a shade of gemstone that is truly having a moment right now, it would be blue.

Aquamarine, turquoise, Paraiba tourmaline, sapphire, blue topaz, blue diamonds, lapis lazuli, tanzanite – if its got an azure hue then it is probably taking centre stage in a jewellery design right now.

The shades of these gems can range from the lightest watery hues of blue diamonds, a gemstone that is incredibly rare and increasingly expensive, right through to the deep powerful, purplish hues of tanzanite and lapis lazuli.

Bright pops of turquoise are also proving increasingly popular with the luxury jewellery houses, with deGrisogono, Tiffany & Co, Chopard and Mikimoto all incorporating this gemstone into new collections.

When working with such fabulously coloured gemstones, building on that powerful colour is hugely important, as Graff chief executive Francois Graff knows from working with some of the world’s most exclusive blue diamonds.

“We enhance the beauty of blue diamonds though exceptional craftsmanship and careful consideration when setting the stone into a jewellery piece, using minimal settings for which Graff is renowned,” he says. “When light passes through this framework it reflects its blue hue and further intensifies the vibrancy of the stone. It is this perfect placement of light and colour, combined with cutting- edge craftsmanship.”

For jewellery designer Fei Liu, one of his favourite blue gemstones is the richly coloured tanzanite, which can present as dark blue, violet or burgundy depending on which angle you view it from.

He says: “I love the beautiful colour and trichoric nature of it, how it can be an intense dark blue and with a shift of light it becomes shades of violet. Sapphires are understandably associated with dark blue gemstones, but the colour-changing element of tanzanite makes it so much more interesting to me.”

Whether you are attracted to bright stones, light stones or colour-changing gems, make sure you have some blue gemstones in your collections as jewellery definitely has a bad case of the blues right now.

This article was originally published on JewelleryNetAsia on 14.07.15. I write a weekly column for this website about global jewellery trends. 

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