Light and dark: A dazzling array of black-and-white brilliance

© Written by Rachael Taylor for BaselWorld Brand Book

The battle between light and dark has been raging in one way or another since the dawn of time, and Van Der Bauwede’s highly skilled Genevan design team is flexing its creative muscle in both directions. It has horological and jewellery creations tailored to both those who like to think of themselves as pure of heart and those who like to tread ever so lightly on the dark side.

Representing the dark in its watchmaking yin and yang is the Legend T. Crown, a rebellious men’s tourbillon made from high-grade steel. The non-conformist bezel has been shaped in a way to show off the dial’s trio of trophies: its mechanical tourbillon complete with Van Der Bauwede crest, date display and the indicator its 42-hour power reserve.

The Legend T. Crown was inspired by the 1968 classic film The Thomas Crown Affair, starring legendary playboy Steve McQueen, and as such Van Der Bauwede says it has been built for the “multi-faceted personality of a charismatic, playful and seductive businessman keen to sense the thrill of adventure”.

While the Legend T. Crown might be tempting its wearer into all sorts of risqué fun, the Neb-K Divine quartz ladies jewellery watch is more concerned with enveloping its owner in a cloud of softness and purity.

The light and bright half of this monochrome watch pair takes its inspiration from the exotic fragrances of travel in Asia. It has been gifted a delicate mother-of-pearl dial decorated with bamboo, lotus flowers and numerals that shimmer with a dusting of white diamond powder. A radiant ring of white diamonds decorates the bezel and the timepiece is completed with a shining metallic leather strap.

While black and white are powerful individually, they always pack a punch when contrasted. Van Der Bauwede’s Twilight jewellery collection, named after that moment in the day when light and dark jostle for dominance, does just this. The white gold jewels have been decorated with fluttering bats set with either white diamonds or black sapphires, and Van Der Bauwede describes it as “an invitation to catch a glimpse of eternity, embodying both light and darkness”. If your mind hasn’t already turned to vampires, blood-red garnets amongst the bats should do the trick.

So whether you’re aiming for saint or sinner, Van Der Bauwede’s rock ‘n’ roll-inspired watches and jewels embrace the dark and the light in us all.

This article was originally published in the BaselWorld Brand Book 2015.

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