Valerie Messika: The passion for diamond

© Written by Rachael Taylor for VO+

When Valerie Messika was a child, her diamond-dealing father would bring home ‘incredible pieces’ and encourage her to play with them. she has never since lost that puckish association and when creating her own brand Messika she ‘desacralised diamond jewellery’ by injecting fun into the designs, most notably with her iconic Move collection set with rolling diamonds. Newer collections include the sharp lines of Queen V and catwalk-ready Glam’azone, both fine jewels with fashion credentials. this year Messika turns 10.

How will Valérie celebrate?

“With even more exceptional pieces that reflect the audacity and modernity of our brand.”

How would you best describe Messika’s target market?

“We do not have one typical customer. Because our range of products is really wide and we offer very different types of designs, our customers are like our jewelry: multifaceted. they consist of the young girl who receives her first diamond at 18 years of age, the working girl who is very active and buys her own jewelry, and the 60-year-old woman who is looking for a special piece for an event.”

Many celebrities love your incredible pieces…

“Beyoncé appeared on stage like an angel at her 2015 grammy awards live performance, wearing my diamond tie necklace from the Messika Silk collection, called the ‘Miss Hepburn’. This unique high piece is composed of more than 40 carats of diamonds. Then, to celebrate the closing of the Victoria’s Secret show, the ‘angel’ Karlie Kloss wore jewels signed Messika at the after party held at Earls Court in London. Even Rihanna wore my rings: a double paved Queen V in white gold and diamonds.”

Which ‘it’ girls or celebrities would you love to see wearing your pieces?

“Definitely the glamorous Kate Moss. I love her look. she is always very modern but still very chic.”

This article was originally written for the April 2015 issue of VO+ Dubai, a bi-lingual jewellery and luxury magazine with text in English and Arabic that is sold in 25 countries. To see the article in its original layout click here: V133 37

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