Star quality: Hollywood glamour that lasts

© Written by Rachael Taylor for BaselWorld Brand Book

The latest Guess Jewellery collection inspired by its home state of California could not be more typical of the spirit of the American fashion brand, but look beneath the surface you’ll discover some subtle differences that mark a serious new direction.

The spring/summer 2015 collection Hollywood and Vine has been inspired by the meeting of two streets in Los Angeles – Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street. At that point you can find the now legendary Walk of Fame, where popular culture’s good and great quite literally mark their place in history by leaving hand and foot prints in the concrete of the sidewalk.

The Guess collection takes inspiration from the feelings generated by this Hollywood landmark with brightly coloured crystals and rose gold plating representing the giddy dream of leaving one’s mark, and the glamour of the starlets who do it for real. The collection even has its own motto: “Feel free, act young and move fast.”

But underneath the Hollywood sheen lies some true manufacturing innovation that will take Guess Jewellery to the next level.

The fundamental shift is the change of base metal. Previously, all Guess Jewellery designs were created using tin, but from spring/summer 2015 onwards all collections – including Hollywood and Vine – will be made with brass instead. This new material will offer a smoother polished surface, crisper edges and more legible engravings, while the jewels themselves will be harder wearing and more resistant to tarnish. The men’s collections will also be getting an upgrade, with brass swapped for stainless steel.

The upgraded metal will also be better protected, with all new collections benefitting from nano plating, a plating technique that adds a protective layer to the jewellery that makes the gold or rhodium plating last longer and toughens it against abrasion. Guess Jewellery’s plating is also now five times thicker.

These innovations come in reaction to demand from the market, according to Guess Jewellery. When once it was a haven for logo junkies, customers now look to the brand for costume jewellery that looks like the real thing. Now not only will they get that, they will get affordable, fashionable jewels that last.

This article was originally published in the BaselWorld Brand Book 2015.

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