Lady Gaga makes heart-shaped diamonds big news

© Written by Rachael Taylor for Jewellery Net Asia

When it comes to women with style and influence, they don’t come much more powerful than pop superstar Lady Gaga, and with an Instagram snap of her brand new engagement ring generating more than 600,000 likes in a single day, she’s been making heart-shaped diamonds front-page news this week.

Lady Gaga, or Stephanie Germanotta to use her real name, accepted a proposal on Valentine’s Day from her long-term partner Taylor Kinney. When you’re proposing to one of pop’s most provocative players, thinking outside the box – or at least a box containing a round brilliant solitaire – is a must when picking out a diamond, and Kinney did exactly that when he opted for a heart-shaped cut.

The large engagement ring was created by US jeweller to the stars Lorraine Schwartz, who has not revealed the carat size of the diamond or the price but did say in an interview with InStyle magazine that it is “big and quite beautiful, and actually more expensive than some of the estimates I have read”.

One of those estimates was made by The Jewellery Editor’s Maria Doulton, who suggests that the stone could be 10cts and worth upwards of £350,000.

While a pop princess and a member of the British monarchy may be royalty of a different kind completely, it begs the question: will this offbeat choice of engagement ring spark a new bridal trend much in the way that the Duchess of Cambridge’s ring sent sales of sapphire rings through the roof?

While Lady Gaga’s troop of Little Monsters may be only too keen to follow in her sparkling footsteps, they will face a more prohibitive price tag than Princess Kate’s, as good-quality heart-shaped diamonds are expensive.

For those wishing to replicate the design in miniature, Blue Nile is selling entry-level heart-shaped diamonds for £760 for a .41ct rock, but for anyone hoping to receive a serious-sized stone, let’s hope they’ve picked a fiancée with deep pockets.

The reason that these diamonds are so exclusive is because of the cutting process. A lot of expensive diamond has to be cast off to create the heart shape, and a high level of skill is required to get just the right proportions, so that you are not left with a heart that is too squat or too lean.

“The skill of the cutter plays an important role in the beauty of a heart-shaped stone due to the variety of possible proportions,” as Graff Diamonds chief executive Francois Graff once told me.

So will we see an increased demand from this style maven’s followers for heart-shaped stones? I would say yes. Will they be for diamonds as big and as fabulous as the one on the Lady’s finger itself? I would say no, but it will be a fun bridal trend to watch out for.

This article was originally published on JewelleryNetAsia on 18.02.15. I write a weekly column for this website about global jewellery trends. 

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