Fine jewellery trends in 2015? It’s all about having fun

© Written by Rachael Taylor for Jewellery Net Asia

When looking at which trends will shape fine jewellery in 2015, there is one important factor to bear in mind: the demographic is getting younger, and cooler.

Women (and let’s face it, the fine jewellery market is dominated by the fairer sex) are no longer waiting to be bought jewellery as gifts, they are buying it themselves, and as such the styles are determined not by investment or sentiment but by what they actually want to wear.


As the gap between male and female salaries closes, these self-purchasing women have serious money to spend, but they also have a taste more influenced by Instagram and street style than the contents of their mothers’ jewellery boxes.

As such, we will continue to see the rise of fashion-fine jewellery in 2015. This sector of the luxury market is less concerned with stone quality and grams of gold than it is about great design. As a result, some of the major fine jewellery powerhouses have been working with younger designers to create jewels that speak to this new generation, but have the quality to last.


The emboldened connection between fashion and fine jewels is also why jewellery houses should be taking note of the catwalks.

One of the major jewellery trends to emerge from this arena in the past few seasons has been the choker, fuelled by fashion’s fling with all things 90s. This can be a difficult trend to tap into for fine jewellers due to the scale, but there are clever ways of doing so, such as using less metal by swapping it for strings of semi-precious gems, making a feature of negative space or using mesh structures to reduce weight.

As we move into 2015, I’m assured by jewellery trends analyst Adorn Insight that this trend will hold sway, and that we may see it develop further with the rise of the double choker.


Another key trend set to continue in 2015 will be colour. Once the overlooked cousins of the brighter, sparklier diamond, coloured gems have had a barnstorming couple of years in fine jewellery, and this fiesta of colour is set to continue.

What we will see here is competition from the jewellery houses to find ever more unusual stones, and perhaps an increase in proprietary cuts.


One of the most transformed gems of recent times is the pearl. Its recovery from a stigma that had it pegged as overused and outdated has been staggering. And much appreciated, not least by me. The key to this trend is to use pearls in an unexpected way. Perhaps as an ear cuff, or an accomplice to an edgy, rather than classic, design.

The future of the pearl trend in 2015 is all about evolution (quite literally), and as well as style, colour is a key area for development. Some pearl farms are experimenting with cross breeding oysters to create naturally occurring colours never seen before, and with only small batches available these unusual pearls are an exciting area for collectors.

Convivial, lively, diverting, trendsetting, but, most importantly, still precious. Yes, fine jewellery can be fun and fashionable, and if there is one theme to knit some of 2015’s key trends together that’s it.

This article was originally published on Jewellery Net Asia on 22.01.15. I write a regular weekly column for this website about global jewellery trends. 

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